6 Cannabis Seed Companies that Ship to The US 2021 – Buy Marijuana Seeds With Trusted

6 Cannabis Seed Companies that Ship to The US 2021 – Buy Marijuana Seeds With Trusted

In recent years, it has become easier than ever to grow your own cannabis plants in several areas of the US. However, federal marijuana law has not fully legalized it in every state, so some cannabis enthusiasts are still unable to openly buy, sell, and grow cannabis seeds.

So it’s important for these cannabis enthusiasts to look for cannabis seed companies that ship to the US. Getting you quality cannabis seeds and a reputable seed bank can be easier said than done.

You know, seed suppliers are increasing day by day at an exponential rate, and with the development of the Internet age, digital technology easily leads to misinformation. So, we have prepared to present you the cannabis seed companies that ship to the US which are the most reputable and worth the investment.

Top 6 Cannabis Seed Companies that Ship to The US

#1 Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a seed bank based in Montreal, Canada. This seed bank started in 2012, and offers only the best cannabis seeds of the best strains. Their excellent customer service is also a big plus.

Growers of all levels can find a wide variety of cannabis seeds, including regular, feminized and auto flowering seeds. The company also offers fifty of the world’s finest strains of cannabis seeds that are hard to find in other seed banks.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds stealthy shipping and speedy delivery. Growers in every country will receive their order tracking, so you’ll also know exactly when it arrives. In addition, the company also offers many offers, and discounts on their website.

#2 Tiger One Distribution

Tiger One Distribution is a well-known name in Europe, where they are especially known for their wholesale options. This seed company is growing in popularity in North America, where commercial growers are concentrated. And Tiger One Distribution is also perfectly suited for recreational growers.

This seed company offers a carefully curated collection of quality cannabis seeds. Besides an extensive seed selection, they also offer kits and accessories such as vaporizers and CBD products.

Growers will be able to buy cannabis seeds at a special price, especially for wholesale orders. In addition, Tiger One Distribution also offers a number of other promotions for its customers.

#3 Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is a prominent seed company in Barcelona, ​​and they are truly a reputable source of cannabis seeds for growers, and many other retailers. The company’s headquarters are located in Barcelona, ​​they supply high quality seeds from trusted breeders throughout Europe.

Ministry of Cannabis offers customers very fast, discreet shipping between 24 and 48 hours from placing an order. They guarantee shipping on all their orders no matter where the customer is located in the world.

This company offers attractive cannabis seeds at a competitive price compared to its competitors. In addition, they also have a beautiful website that provides a lot of detailed information about each cannabis strain. That is very helpful for beginner growers.

#4  Seed City

Seed City is a very reliable seed banking company and worth a try. This seed bank may not be as popular as the others on the list, but it does offer high germination cannabis seeds at a surprisingly low price.

Seed City not only offers cheap cannabis seeds, but also regularly offers discounts, offers, sometimes customers can get up to half the price. What’s even more appealing is that they offer free seeds for purchases in excess of $34. So growers can fully take advantage of this opportunity.

This seed company is legit and the customer reviews are very positive. However, Seed City really needs to improve its unprofessional website so that customers have a better experience.

#5 I49 Seed Bank

I49 Seed Bank is one of the few CBD brands that offers high quality seeds for improving health. This company offers high quality cannabis seeds, both high or low THC, a good amount of CBD and safe seeds.

With 420 different indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds, i49 seed bank ensures their cannabis seeds are genetically stable and have a high germination rate. This company guarantees that they deliver only top quality, no substitutions, mixing or any deceptive practices.

This seed bank provides well-guaranteed shipping service to all users. All products are handled quite well with encryption and they promise not to share or use any customer information.

In particular, this seed bank only offers products that are appropriately and discreetly labeled. All of our seeds are stored at room temperature, with no moisture or light on the shelf.

#6 Elev8 Seeds

Elev8 Seeds is an honest and reputable cannabis seed company that both beginner and experienced growers can trust. This seed company supplies and ships its cannabis seeds to many regions of the world, and to many other seed banks.

Growers can expect top-notch quality cannabis seeds at a discounted price. They are also a perfect choice for growers looking for a wholesale seed bank that comes at a good price.

Elev8 Seeds has an excellent customer service, very professional and responsive. Many beginner growers report that they really received a lot of help throughout their familiarization process with cannabis cultivation thanks to the staff of Elev8 Seeds.