MSNL Seedbank Review: Best Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship To USA

MSNL Seedbank Review: Best Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship To USA

Unlike the name suggests, the MSNL Seedbank is located in the United Kingdom and caters to residents as well as international clients. The company has been in existence since 1999 and has been evolving and creating high-quality formulas to provide high-quality products.

Their time in the industry has made them one of the best cannabis seed banks that ship to usa, a status has earned them respect. Reading MSNL reviews from multiple websites and other weed-related platforms will prove just how well their products are received thanks to their clients.

One of the most famous things that make them famous is their giveaways, instances where they give away seeds to some loyal customers. MSNL ships worldwide so you can be assured they will deliver wherever you are. They also deliver in a short time in the US, an average of 6-12 days and not a day longer.

The store does not have a brick and mortar store but they have managed to build their reputation. As a pioneer in internet weed sale, the company has taken the most time to understand the industry and streamline towards their specific needs.

This includes curating a high-security system that assures the protection of customer’s identities and the safety of the information shared on the platform. This is something a face to face sale would not assure, especially for conscious buyers. When founding MSNL, the owner wanted to assure quality to buyers, something that a street peddler would not.

They have friendly customer service that helps clients understand them and their products. Enquiries and complaints are handled very fast. The company also prides itself in quality assurance incase of customers that want chemical-free seeds. Their website is user friendly, making them one of the modt reliable seed banks on the internet.

MSNL is one of the companies that does self-production. All their seeds are produced in their high-quality environments, which is impressive for the number of strains they produce. They are also very regular with the supply. They produce regular, feminized, autoflowering and medical strains. The cherry on top is that they have value packs too.

They have strains like White Widow Max, Girl Scout Cookies, Golden Nugget, Blueberry and so many others. Their charts are also useful in helping indecisive people make a choice. The founder is a geneticist who invests in producing quality seeds. They collect global strains from around the world, take them to their labs and work on them to enhance quality. This assures buyers of consistency of excellent quality with every harvest or regrow.