Grape Romulan Strain Effects & Review – Spectacular Hybrid Cannabis Strain from Two OG Genetics

Grape Romulan strain may not be a top-notch cannabis strain but it is a cannabis strain with unforgettable effects and flavors. This cannabis strain is very interesting with its characteristic bud patterns, which will bring profit as well as satisfaction to both growers and smokers.

However, information about Grape Romulan seeds is sparse and not detailed, which can make it difficult for some growers to have an interest in this cannabis strain. So we have prepared the basic and necessary information for the growers crop, and will also include useful information for smokers.


Grape Romulan Strain


North American indica mixed with White Rhino


relaxed – 10, sleepy – 6, euphoric – 6, happy – 5, hungry – 4


dry mouth – 10, dry eyes – 6, paranoid – 2, anxious – 2, dizzy – 2


earthy, pine, pungent


earthy, pine, sweet, citrus, spicy, woody


stress – 10, pain – 9, insomnia – 8, depression – 7, muscle spasms – 5


8-9 weeks


mid October








100% indica


9oz/ m²


9oz/ plant


warm and dry outdoor climate




high resistance to common diseases

Grape Romulan Origins

Grape Romulan, do not confuse it with Grapefruit Romulan. The reason these names appear is due to its genetic origin. Grape Romulan is a cross between the well known genetics Romulan and Grapefruit strains. Its very name has somewhat hinted its origin.

For fans of Star Trek, Grape Romulan should definitely be at the top of the list of must-try cannabis strains. The powerful effects of Grape Romulan are certainly not inferior to any other popular cannabis strain on the market. Many longtime smokers appreciate the powerful effects of Grape Romulan, it is very impressive and very special.

Perhaps because of this strong effect, coupled with the rather unpopular taste, Grape Romulan did not become popular. But that’s not why we rate Grape Romulan low, it really is a cannabis strain worth trying with both growers and smokers.

Grape Romulan Effects

This Indica dominant cannabis strain possesses the most classic effects of Indica genetics. Perhaps for connoisseurs of cannabis, the effect of Romulan’s genetics will be no surprise. Yes, and you can find those genetic effects in Grape Romulan. Its powerful effects have been featured in Skunk, High Times and Cannabis Culture.

Grape Romulan is presented as possessing a powerful addictive genetic effect like rock, a munchies effect that can be difficult for even long-time smokers. With a THC content of about 20%, Grape Romulan brings each level of memorable user experience. Relaxation, euphoria, focus, uplifting, and stress are the main effects that Grape Romulan provides.

Grape Romulan will keep your eyes focused on something, but at the moment the body is relaxing and relaxing. Your morale will also improve significantly since then. You will then be able to feel the euphoria and gradually pull up the tension. The stress effect is quite strong, can cause headaches, but then you will be able to be sleepy or lazy.

That’s why we don’t recommend Grape Romulan in the morning or before any important event. It is suitable for use late at night, or on lazy days and you are in a bad mood.

Grape Romulan Fragrance & Flavors

Grape Romulan has a grape, woody and earthy aroma. These are the three main flavors and you can see them most clearly through the fine smoke. However, professional smokers consider Grape Romulan’s scent to be much more complex, even connoisseurs cannot find all of its scents.

Many people love Grape Romulan’s sweet and pungent combination. The special thing is that Grape Romulan shatter has a more pungent smell than an intact bud. But this rather picky smell may not be suitable for smoking in the community.

The scent of Grape Romulan lingers for a long time and it also leaves an impressive aftertaste. Some beginner smokers may be choked by this pungent taste from the first puffs of smoke. And with such a powerful effect, we always advise beginner smokers to use Grape Romulan with caution.

Grape Romulan Medical

Grape Romulan is not only an addictive flavor with high entertainment value, but it also brings medical value to the user. This cannabis strain is sure to take you to a smooth peak, and the experience can surpass many other popular fruit flavors on the market. Grape Romulan will put you into a state of complete relaxation, while maintaining focus and alertness.

It is that relaxation combined with a gentle fragrance that will bring you to many different emotions. You will feel the euphoria come on continuously, and the effect is really long-lasting. From this very effect, your mood will improve in a more positive direction. Therefore, Grape Romulan can be used to treat depression, anxiety, disorders, and many other neurological conditions.

Besides, Grape Romulan also works to treat chronic pain. It is thanks to its deep relaxing effects that this strain of cannabis can have powerful effects on both mind and body. Grape Romulan is suitable for use at night when you need to heal your tired body. Beginner smokers can get used to this strain slowly and should not overdo it.

Grape Romulan Growing

Grape Romulan seeds are something very interesting. Grape Romulan seeds grow like a sativa, but with clear indica bud patterns. This cannabis strain exhibits outstanding parental genetics so well, growers can fully expect a striking purple appearance in their gardens.

Grape Romulan seeds aren’t too difficult to grow, so growers of all levels can control this strain. Growers can grow Grape Romulan seeds both indoors and outdoors, the plant is of medium height and size so it doesn’t take up too much space.

During the vegetative phase, the plant will exhibit characteristics typical of a sativa plant. However, the Indica traits will be more pronounced when the plant begins to sprout and last until harvest. Prominent pink hairs appear on the large shoots, but once dry these pink hairs turn orange. The sparkling crystals on the big buds are also an interesting visual effect.

Plants have good vigor, high resistance to pests and diseases, and good yields. Grape Romulan flowering time is around 8 weeks, and growers can expect high yields with large shoots.

Where Can I Buy Grape Romulan Seeds?

Grape Romulan is not a popular cannabis seed so growers may not be able to easily purchase quality Grape Romulan seeds. That’s why we recommend you a few reputable online seed banks that provide the best quality Grape Romulan seeds on the market.

Seedsbay – Grape Romulan seeds

Some others name you can try:

Pacific Seedbank – Romulan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

True North Seed bank – Grape OG FEMINIZED Seeds (Cali Connection)